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Business goals or objectives keep employees focused on growth and motivate the team towards common goals. It helps structure responsibilities and general day-to-day tasks. If a company’s business goals are crafted with intention and purpose, they will play a part in increasing the business’s market share.

These are ViewNET’s business goals:

  • To be more of a partner to clients and not just another supplier
  • To continuously and sustainably grow the company
  • To establish a brand voice and a brand identity
  • To stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with industry advancements
  • To increase networking, partnerships and affiliation opportunities
Create dazzling designs for print, online or anywhere.



Businesses are faced with the need to drive down Runaway costs caused by explosive growth in operational and application data, that needs to be stored, constantly backed up and retained according to the highest possible standards of risk management, corporate governance and legislative compliance.


With support for a broad range of operating systems, applications and databases, StorVault Server helps to guarantee that all corporate data is protected and can be accessed or restored to full operational readiness whenever needed

A cloud-based data backup and recovery service

Flexible solution

Data protection for physical servers or virtual systems

Secure next-level technology

High-level security ideally positioned to replace tape backup

Data encryption at source

Advanced encryption (AES 256-bit) for data at rest and in flight

Controlled, easy-to-use web console

Enables monitoring and reporting of all backups, verification
and restore operations anywhere, anytime

Automation & synchronization

Once seeded, only incremental backups are performed since the last
backup routine

Reduced data footprint

Backup data is compressed to minimise impact on primary network
and accelerate cloud uploads

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