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Business goals or objectives keep employees focused on growth and motivate the team towards common goals. It helps structure responsibilities and general day-to-day tasks. If a company’s business goals are crafted with intention and purpose, they will play a part in increasing the business’s market share.

These are ViewNET’s business goals:

  • To be more of a partner to clients and not just another supplier
  • To continuously and sustainably grow the company
  • To establish a brand voice and a brand identity
  • To stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with industry advancements
  • To increase networking, partnerships and affiliation opportunities
Personal Backup
Create dazzling designs for print, online or anywhere.



Data created on desktops and laptops is extremely vulnerable to a range of potentially fatal or highly disruptive threats.


Laptop protects against virtually all common data loss scenarios, as well as the challenge of taking control of an explosive growth in data creation by providing all-round endpoint data protection for business data.

A cloud-based data backup and recovery service

Usability and accessibility

Installation done in minutes; no additional hardware required

Easy to use user interface

Simple to deploy; provides intuitive self-service recovery


Secure anywhere, anytime access to all backup data

Cost efficient

Pay for what you use; no contracts month to month

Automation & synchronization

Allow files to be backed up to a pre-defined, automated schedule

Data encryption

secure data encryption at source, in-transit and at rest

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