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Business goals or objectives keep employees focused on growth and motivate the team towards common goals. It helps structure responsibilities and general day-to-day tasks. If a company’s business goals are crafted with intention and purpose, they will play a part in increasing the business’s market share.

These are ViewNET’s business goals:

  • To be more of a partner to clients and not just another supplier
  • To continuously and sustainably grow the company
  • To establish a brand voice and a brand identity
  • To stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with industry advancements
  • To increase networking, partnerships and affiliation opportunities
Storage made simple
IBM Storage is the right foundation for your data-driven hybrid cloud.

IBM Storage Portfolio

Browse our technology

From our flagship products for enterprise hybrid cloud infrastructure, to security, supply chain and storage solutions, find the answer to your business challenge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

Operationalize AI across your business to deliver benefits quickly and ethically

Put AI into action now

Recent developments within artificial intelligence (AI) have demonstrated the scale and power of this technology on business and society. However, businesses need to determine how to structure and govern these systems responsibly to avoid bias and errors as the scalability of AI technology can have costly effects to both business and society.

Industry leading products

Positioned as a leader within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for conversational AI platforms.

Research-driven technology

Stay at the forefront of responsible AI innovation with IBM Research driving the adoption and scaling of AI.

Cost-savings solutions

Improve productivity through faster model development and deployment.

Reimagine work

Unlock new levels of productivity by optimizing business processes, empowering people and creating high-quality customer and employee experiences.

Analytics tools and solutions

Optimize your data strategy with an architectural approach that supports data-driven decisions for your business

A new data-driven architecture

To thrive in this age of the unexpected, companies must leverage data to create customer loyalty, automate business processes, and innovate future ideas. But, the demand for data has outpaced our ability to solve our existing data problems, the copy and paste method has only made things worse.

Provide access with data fabric

Understand how this emerging data strategy and architecture simplifies data access for self-service while ensuring governance and privacy.

Promote agility with data management

Improve cost performance and productivity with unparalleled scale and resiliency through end-to-end data management.

Predict outcomes with business analytics

Empower business users with AI-driven self-service analytics to predict and shape future outcomes.

Customize experience with customer care

Strengthen customer relationships through any channel with more accurate and concise answers to inquiries in any language.

Better predictions and analytic outcomes

Drive more accurate and explainable AI. Reduce costly errors and time spent by using automated tools and processes to access data, build, deploy and monitor models.

Database software and solutions

Modernize and unify your databases across any cloud. Choose databases ideal for your use cases.

Accelerate database performance and unify your data ecosystems at scale across any cloud

A database management system helps a business perform manipulation and control of the data in the database or the management of the database structure itself. Database management systems (DBMSs) are categorized according to their data structures or types. To use the volume and variety of data in your enterprise for competitive advantage, you need a modern DBMS that you can deploy anywhere.

Hybrid, multicloud

Add an IBM database to IBM Cloud Pak® for Data for a unified enterprise data platform that runs across any cloud.

Faster querying

Gain optimized performance and well-executed queries with IBM® BLU Acceleration® technology and AI enhancements.

Scalable and available

Collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Modernize your database management

Enterprise server solutions

Built to handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining security, reliability and control of your entire IT infrastructure

Cut complexity with IBM servers as your foundation

With highly compatible enterprise-class servers at the foundation of your IT infrastructure strategy, you can integrate with your cloud of choice, deploy and move workloads where you want — on-prem or in the cloud. Develop an approachable, low-risk path that doesn’t disrupt existing IT infrastructure, yet paves the way for innovation.

Cyber resiliency

By combining your mainframe and storage, you can unlock the true power of a resilient and secure solution with exceptional cloud and data privacy capabilities.

Seamless integration

Improve data protection and privacy across your entire IT ecosystem by encrypting each stage of the data’s lifecycle, transmission, storage and processing.

Flexibility with control

Take control of your hybrid cloud strategy with enterprise servers that offer flexibility and choice, allowing you to adapt and evolve with a modern IT infrastructure.

DevOps solutions

Powerful DevOps software to build, deploy and manage security-rich, cloud-native apps across multiple devices, environments and clouds

Embrace enterprise-ready DevOps tools

Delivering software and services at the speed the market demands requires teams to iterate and experiment rapidly. They must deploy new versions frequently, driven by feedback and data. The most successful cloud development teams adopt modern DevSecOps culture and practices, embrace cloud-native architectures, and assemble toolchains from best-in-class tools to unleash their productivity.

Capture the market

Respond to the market faster and build engaging user experiences.

Deploy continuously

Continuously deploy software into development, test and production environments.

Scale smoothly

Scale DevOps successfully without disrupting the business.

Increase consistency

Drive environment consistency from testing to production and across hybrid cloud.

Unite your culture

Build a startup culture that brings business, development and operations together.

Release frequently

Facilitate improved application quality, security and stability though frequent releases.

IBM Cloud platform provides an integrated DevOps experience for all your applications.

IT Automation

Drive dynamic business outcomes by ensuring application and infrastructure performance with intelligent IT automation from IBM

What is IT automation?

The IT automation platform from IBM is a set of solutions enhanced with cognitive capabilities that enable programs to dynamically learn, interpret and respond. The IT automation solutions from IBM help ensure that the applications and infrastructure businesses depend on are always on and optimally performing to reduce costs, drive business outcomes and protect brand value.

Empower IT teams and boost business performance with intelligent IT automation

Exceed customer expectations

Deliver exceptional customer experiences through modernizing IT operations by removing noise and streamlining IT processes with trusted IT automation.

Reduce IT cost and complexity

Drive dynamic IT automation solutions to meet real-time demands for optimal application performance with zero waste.

Focus on high-value work

Transform your business with IT automation by reducing manual processes and freeing up teams to focus on developing innovative solutions.

Now entering the era of quantum utility

New research from IBM Quantum and UC Berkeley presents evidence that quantum computers can be useful for real applications.

Bringing useful quantum computing to the world

IBM Quantum leads the world in quantum computing. This technology is widely expected to solve valuable problems that are unsolvable using any known methods on classical supercomputers.

Making the world quantum safe

The huge societal benefits of quantum computing come with a challenge: quantum computers will be able to break many of the most widely-used cybersecurity protocols in the world.

Data considered secure today may already be at risk, due to the threat of “harvest now, decrypt later” schemes.

Act now to begin your transformation to quantum-safe cryptography. IBM Quantum Safe offers the technology and support you need for that shift.

Enterprise security solutions

IBM Security® provides enterprise cybersecurity solutions to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty

IBM Security: We put security everywhere, so your business can thrive anywhere

IBM Security works with you to help protect your business with an advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services infused with AI. Our modern approach to security strategy uses zero trust principles to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty. By aligning your security strategy to your business; integrating solutions designed to protect your digital users, assets and data; and deploying technology to manage your defenses against growing threats, we help you manage and govern risk to support today’s hybrid cloud environments.

Transform your security program with solutions from the largest enterprise security provider

IBM Security X-Force

Get hacker-driven offense, research-driven defense and intelligence-driven protection.

Cloud security strategy services

Engage with trusted advisors to guide your cloud security initiatives using an integrated approach.

Security services

Transform your business with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services.

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