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Business goals or objectives keep employees focused on growth and motivate the team towards common goals. It helps structure responsibilities and general day-to-day tasks. If a company’s business goals are crafted with intention and purpose, they will play a part in increasing the business’s market share.

These are ViewNET’s business goals:

  • To be more of a partner to clients and not just another supplier
  • To continuously and sustainably grow the company
  • To establish a brand voice and a brand identity
  • To stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with industry advancements
  • To increase networking, partnerships and affiliation opportunities
Explore the ways HPE can help you open up opportunities across edge to cloud
For those ready to embrace data-first modernization, HPE GreenLake brings the cloud to you. Helping you resolve your data disarray, easing migration headaches & securely connecting your data across edge to cloud, opening up opportunities and advancing the way you live and work, HPE GreenLake is hybrid cloud, your way.

Small and mid-sized business IT solutions

Grow your business with small business IT solutions that power your key ambitions and help you achieve big goals. Explore how HPE can best serve your small and midsized business needs.

Move your business forward with confidence in your IT Partner

Products, services and expertise built for SMB use cases to support long-term business goals as well as near-term challenges

Relentless security

Our approach begins at the foundation—in the supply chain and rooted in the silicon. We continuously attest every level of infrastructure, software stack and across the network, giving you confidence in your data availability and maximizing your data’s value throughout the technology lifecycle.

Flexible growth

With the industry’s most dynamic combination of easy-to-use products, expert services, financing programs through HPEFS and an unmatched breadth and depth of experience, HPE is your best partner to guide you through digital transformation and meet all your ongoing IT support needs.​

Proven reliability

We stand behind our technology. HPE products are fully configured, validated, and tested as only an IT leader can do. Built on the excellence of HPE ProLiant servers, Aruba Instant On switches, and HPE storage, we help to ensure continued reliability and performance for your growing business needs.

New HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers
with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor

Accelerate growth with small business servers

Find products and solutions, right-sized for small or medium business use cases, that offer the power, choice, and ease of use to drive powerful business outcomes.

Discover more small and midsized business solutions

Whether you’re a small business with no on-staff IT expertise or a growing midsize company with IT generalists, HPE offers easy-to-own, small business technology solutions that combine servers, storage, software, networking, and cloud capabilities into a turnkey experience.

Validated and complete solutions

Solutions built on HPE ProLiant servers, Aruba, and data storage products with configurations that are easy to select and order.

HPE ProLiant Tower ML & Rack D Servers

Backup storage solutions for small business

Sleep well at night with 360-degree file backup storage solutions to keep your small or mid-size business safe and secure.

Uncomprising Resiliency

HPE Security Escape Room 

Your server infrastructure should be your strongest defense, armed with the latest security for servers and infrastructure security innovations to guard against and recover from security attacks. Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge on HPE ProLiant server security in a new and exciting way? Do you have what it takes to build a secure server from the ground up?

HPE Solutions for Business Continuity 

HPE Solutions for Business Continuity can help you avoid the disastrous impacts of data loss due to ransomware, data corruption, and other disasters.

Configuration Guide 

HPE Small and Medium Business Solutions for Business Continuity are HPE ProLiant servers configured to protect business data and applications from catastrophic loss due to data corruption, system failure, malicious actors, and ransomware. Configuration guide provides sizing information and various backup options.


IT deployment solutions for small business

IT solutions for your small business that are simple to select, set up, and manage.

Flexible scalability
Benefit from configured, tested, and validated easy to use IT solutions tailored to your business needs and scales as your business grow without wasting your IT budget.

Why ProLiant

A TechValidate survey reveals why real customers pick HPE ProLiant Servers as their solid foundation for an open, hybrid cloud world.


HPE Solutions for Small Office Deployment take a simple approach to connectivity, running applications, and storing files with backup and remote options.

Configuration guide

HPE Small Business Solutions for Small Office Deployment enables businesses to connect and communicate with their customers with speed and security. Configuration guide provides sizing information based on the number of users/devices.

Virtualization solutions for small business

SMB virtualization server solutions and products that increase IT efficiency and help you keep your business running, wherever your employees may be.

Boost productivity
HPE virtualization server solutions for small and midsized businesses can help you manage the increasing amount of workloads you count on to run your business, make it easy for employees to work from home, and increase productivity by making files, email, and collaboration tools tools accessible from any device.

What is virtualization?

When you’re running a business with remote or branch offices, you need to save time and keep costs low. Virtualization lets you allocate resources to applications as needed, so you can run multiple applications on a single server—like accounting, productivity, and payroll apps. That means you can run more applications on the servers you have, helping you save money while still managing the increasing number of workloads you rely on to run your business.

What is virtual desktop infastructure?

VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure, is appropriate when you need remote workers to access multiple applications typically on their work computers. VDI delivers virtualized desktops—which includes the operating system, apps, and their documents—to remote devices with the same experience as a PC at the office. Workloads are processed at the on-premises virtualized server instead of your employees’ laptop, tablet, or smartphone so your workers don’t experience lags and your data stays secure.

What is remote desktop services?

RDS, or Remote Desktop Services, is appropriate when you need multiple remote workers to access the same system at work from their home computers. RDS enables you to run a single Windows Server instance, either on a physical server or on a virtual machine. The desktop image—with its associated applications and data—is cloned and presented to users who can access it over the network using the remote desktop protocol.

Remote Working

Fast, secure access from anywhere – HPE Solutions for Remote Workers solution brief

Work from Home
HPE Solutions for Remote Workers offer a work-from-home experience that’s ideal for under 100 users – enabling people to work efficiently from any location.

Shared Storage

Handle growing data needs – HPE Solutions for Shared Storage solution brief
HPE Solutions for Shared Storage
Improve application performance, enable proper backups, and expand your storage capacity across multiple servers with HPE Solutions for Shared Storage.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Avoid storage surprises – HPE Solutions for Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution brief
Avoid storage surprises
HPE Solutions for Hyperconverged Infrastructure can help your business with resilient storage technology that keeps your files and data truly protected.

Cloud-based apps and Data

HPE Solutions for Database and Applications help SMBs take control of cloud-based apps and data to avoid unexpected cloud subscription costs and service outage downtime.
Keep pace with performance demands
HPE Solutions for Database and Applications

General Purpose

Create a competitive foundation – HPE Solutions for General Purpose solution brief
Create a competitive foundation
HPE Solutions for General Purpose
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