Wi-Fi Installations

Wi-Fi in your Business Offices does not have to be complicated!

Over the past few years, smart technology has become more accessible and affordable. The “internet of things” is a commonly used phrase now. Not only can smart upgrades make your business more convenient and efficient, but they’ll also make it much more attractive to potential clients or guests in the future.

Do you suffer from inconsistent Wi-Fi through your office or bsuiness environment?

Does your WiFi signal fade when you move from office to boardroom or cafeteria?

Would you like to add value to your clients while they have a cuppa coffee or an extended visit to your hair salon or training centre?

You can offer your client secure WiFi access only for the time they spend at your premises or  business after which it automatically expires.

Who can benefit form this 21st century hospitality….

  • Hair & Beauty salons,
  • Dr’s rooms
  • Clinic’s and Private hospitals
  • Coffee Shops,
  • Hotels and Guest houses
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Training Centers
  • Guest houses / Camping grounds and Lodges  with big gardens and entertainment areas

Our product of Choice has…


Long Range Links

Dual Band Wifi

Easy Deployment

Free Software for access and control.


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