Viewnet has provided some exciting solutions for the rural schools project in South Africa.

We work close together with our partners who has extensive eperience in Education, Networking, Manufacturing, ICT  roll out and implementation, training and support.

Our latest implementation was at Seaview Secondary School in Eastern Cape.

The base unit was supply and prepared by the Social sponsors, ECIC. Together with our partners at Smartlabs we provided equipment, delivery , installation and training. This is just one of many Educational and training establishments where numerous laptops are integrated into a multifunctional classroom, allowing students to work from wireless workstations as well as enabling the sharing of the resources between classrooms.


  SEA VIEW - 6  SEA VIEW - 12  SEA VIEW - 14 (1)

SEA VIEW - 18   SEA VIEW - 26   SEA VIEW - 28   SEA VIEW - 53

Contact us for an appointment to discuss your company’s CSI requirements: sales@viewnet.co.za

We will assist with detailed the analysis of requirements, project proposal and  solution and tailor it to ythe company’s available budget. We can asisst with everything from the classroom to the furniture and equipment as well as educational software and support.   We look forward assisting your business with a Social Responsibility project in ICT